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Chris is back in Sydney and teaching at Yoga on Rochford

“Now the practice of yoga begins (Atha yoga anushasanam).” Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, 1.1

Yoga is in the here and now. The practice of yoga begins from the present moment, no matter the current state of your mind or physical body. Your mind may be calm, or may be busy and full of thoughts. Your body may be healthy, or you may be feeling weak and unprepared. Do not judge yourself, yoga is always ready for you !!

The best time to start your yoga practice is now !

Spring is here, and the summer holidays are only a few months away. What better time that now to start a regular yoga practice to calm the mind and open & strengthen the body before the holiday season.

Chris is back in Sydney and teaching at Yoga on Rochford

Its great to be back !

Many thanks and blessings to Cath and Penny for their wonderful classes over the last 4 months.

After a fabulous 4 months of teaching & training in Berlin, I am very excited to be back in Sydney and teaching at Yoga on Rochford as from Saturday 15 October. My first class will be Yoga Flow on Saturday 9am, followed by Dynamic Vinyasa on Monday at 7:30pm.

I had the opportunity to do workshops with a range of world renowned yoga instructors including David Swenson (US – Astanga), Rusty Wells (US – Vinyasa/Flow) and Jivamukti teachers Yogeswari (Switzerland), Dechan Thurman (US), Cat Alip-Douglas (US/UK), Anja Knuesel (Germany). Here’s a photo of me at one of David’s workshops… orange shirt in the front row for those that didn’t recognise me !!

Yoga on Rochford

All classes are now held in the beautifully renovated uplifting church space. There is plenty of space and as a bonus the fabulous new doors have also been installed to separate the space from the foyer area.
Dynamic Vinyasa, Mondays 7:30 – 8:30pm

Yoga flow, Saturdays 9-10am

Holy Trinity Church & Hall, 2 Rochford St Erskineville
$12 drop in, 3 for $30 multi-class pass available

byo yoga mat or check out the website yoga shop to purchase a mat

Variations are given so all students find the level of practice that is right for them. Suitable for all levels including beginners.

For more details including a map, click here


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“There is no power greater than right action in the present moment.”

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