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Group Yoga classes

I have been really enjoying Chris’ Monday 7:30pm Dynamic Vinyasa yoga class so thought I would try his Saturday morning Yoga flow class. What a great way to start my weekend! The class is dynamic but nicely paced so you don’t have to worry if you are not a ‘morning person’. I felt truly energised for the rest of the day but the best part was how my body felt the next day – still wonderfully stretched and invigorated. Who’d have thought that just one hour of yoga on Saturday morning could make my body ‘zing’ all weekend!!

Jessica, Erskineville

I’ve been practicing yoga with Chris for over a year. He has a very relaxed teaching style and gently encourages his students to practice the yoga poses that are available to them, without letting ego get in the way. His classes always have an interesting mix of poses, with enough variations to suit beginners as well as more advanced students. I’ve done yoga for years with many different teachers, but only Chris has helped me improve my core muscle strength and flexibility enough to make headstands and bound twists not only possible, but enjoyable!

Laura, Newtown

Chris’s passion for yoga is contagious. His gentle, challenging and fun teaching style make his classes a real joy and I am yet to leave one of Chris’s classes without a big smile on my face!

Sarah, Newtown

I’ve been practising yoga for 10 years (maybe one day I’ll get it right! ), the last couple of years under the guidance of Chris.
A couple of years ago yoga stopped being “fun”, & Chris has brought back that element of “fun” to the practice. His classes can be as strenuous as you are prepared to push yourself, or a nice relaxing way to finish the day, your choice, the options are there. Here’s hoping he keeps teaching for many years as he will always have a following.

Peter, Newtown

Chris’ yoga classes are addictive.  Whether I am in the mood for a rejuvenating class or ready to challenge myself, Chris insists that we smile, and feel ‘light and joyful’ in each pose. So, regardless of my intention for each class, I always feel at peace with my practise when I leave. It’s a great feeling!

Bryony, Newtown

Yoga at Work

We have very much enjoyed Chris’ morning yoga classes at our studio in Surry Hills. Chris has a very professional though inviting and comfortable way of teaching and interacting with everyone and has profound knowledge of the body.

We asked Chris to tailor his classes to our needs focusing on strengthening and opening up the body to addressing desk-sitting related problems such as a stiff body, shoulder-strains and posture. Next to the great exercise and fun we have had, the classes have also contributed to the well-being and health of all participating staff.

Chris has demonstrated great flexibility and manages to give a class that is suitable for a diverse range of people with different levels of yoga experience (beginners to advanced). Everybody felt challenged within their own capacity and the group has also had many opportunities to give feedback and express their wishes for upcoming classes.

It has been a great pleasure working with Chris and we would definitely recommend his yoga classes to any company in Sydney. Yoga classes at work is a great gift to your staff and it also helps preventing chronic injuries such as RSI.

Fieke (Digital Eskimo)

Have to say it was great to have Chris coming to our office and doing yoga with us every Thursday morning. Felt so much better to start working after having that lesson. We all really enjoyed the comfort of having Chris there and showing us how flexible we really are!

Kerstin (Flower and Samios, Architects)